The Orphan will be a film on YouTube written, directed, created and produced by Colton M. it also will star Ella C., Amanda R., Ryan C., Angela C., Hunter M. and Braxton T. It will be released on YouTube on July 15 2015. In addition to this film a franchise will be made.

Summary Edit

An orphan, Ellen has always dreamed of escaping her horrible home owned by her stepparents and stepbrother. Graham Right and his wife, Jillian Right have always dreamed of a nice, young daughter and are amazed when one (Ellen) shows up at their doorstep.

Cast Edit

  • Ella C. as Ellen Right
  • Amanda R. as Bertha Fong
  • Ryan C. as Graham Right
  • Braxton T. as Stuart Fong
  • Angela C. as Jillian Right
  • Hunter M. as Inspector Spencer Fong
  • Jonah C. and Mason C. as The Down Brothers

Production Edit

On November 22 2014 an idea was made and started casting right away but didn't get the full cast until 4 weeks later.

Soundtrack Edit